Installing "The FIX" in my 2480!

The early Roland VS2480's suffered from a simple design ommission, resulting in a noticable increase in harmonic distortion at stronger input levels. It is not a preamp fault per se, as even with the preamp set at minimum, one can induce the distortion with a strong enough input signal. The technical problem is that the Preamp Signal was not properly biased before it was presented to the A/D converted chip

Click Here to download a self-extracting ZIP of the document I followed to perform The Fix.

All Laid Out in the Kitchen...

All the right tools...

Tin the resistors first.

What a time to forget my glasses!

That's better.

Channel 1 complete, channels 2 & 3 half done.

Two Channels close up.

All Done!
After I put it back together, I found my glasses!